Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Halloween

I know the photos are on their sides but at least I got them uploaded. Good thing the kids are cute enough to go to all the effort of bending your neck to see them.

So it is two weeks into November and I am finally posting pictures -Oh well. This year the boys went as The Fox and The Hound.

Q told me that E told him that he wanted to be Copper (hound). E is one and a half years old. I guess they communicate in ways I wouldn't understand. I made the ears and tails out of old (store bought of course) sweaters that I had in my fabric stash and some fluffy white fabric. Q wondered if his costume was scary and David replied, "Yes, if your are a chicken or bunny." That was good enough for him.

Now if only I could get the photo to not be sideways.....Jen?


Sarah said...

hi Annie--I got to hang out with your family on Saturday at Ann''s been too long since I saw E, he is enormous and frickin gorgeous as the last time I saw him (at least 6 months ago!) Sorry you couldn't make it! I asked Q to tell you I said hi and I hope the kid had some follow-through on his promise.

Anonymous said...

Yay! A post! And with a very cute Fox and a very cute Hound~very worth it to turn my laptop on its side.
It was great to hang woth you an Saturday night!!

Jennifer said...

Those costumes came out so great. I'm glad I got to see them in person too!
As for the photos, there must be some way to rotate them in the program you use. Sometimes doing a right mouse click will give you options. I'd be glad to come over and figure it out if you can't.

AnnAtSee said...

Yo! great to see some post-age. Missed you last week. I promise to keep trying to see you!