Friday, November 16, 2007


So I am trying to figure out this whole blog thing. I understand most of it- except for responding to comments. Most of the comments come from people I know in "real" life and I try to respond to them yet I can't quite figure it out. I write a response but when I send it it bounces back. I have checked all my settings and can't figure out what needs to be changed. It is probably labeled something obvious like"replying to comments" or "Annie - this is how you respond to comments on your blog." Anyway I will work on that.
Back to knitting.
I just ordered some blue lace weight yarn for a feather and fan circular shawl from Schoolhouse Press. I can't wait! My bedroom has all blue bedding so last night I realized that I could use the shawl as a throw on the bed when it was not in use and it would not just sit unused. I can't justify making something I will never use. Now I keep thinking about reading in bed and wrapping up in my beautiful blue shawl. I probably won't finish it until next winter but it will be worth it.
I promise to figure out more of this posting pictures thing and not just ramblings.
Peace and Yarn,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sweet. I just found the missing size Addi turbo 4in double pointed needle set that I lost a few months ago. I was digging down the side of my comfy knitting chair looking for a dropped coilless safety pin when I found the needles. Again Sweet! I never did find the pin though...Oh well I will find that in a few months.
Now I am free to cast on another pair of socks. Maybe a pair the Anastasia's Socks that Jennifer is knitting? Sorry but that is as close to a link that I know how to do.
Peace and Yarn,

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Halloween

I know the photos are on their sides but at least I got them uploaded. Good thing the kids are cute enough to go to all the effort of bending your neck to see them.

So it is two weeks into November and I am finally posting pictures -Oh well. This year the boys went as The Fox and The Hound.

Q told me that E told him that he wanted to be Copper (hound). E is one and a half years old. I guess they communicate in ways I wouldn't understand. I made the ears and tails out of old (store bought of course) sweaters that I had in my fabric stash and some fluffy white fabric. Q wondered if his costume was scary and David replied, "Yes, if your are a chicken or bunny." That was good enough for him.

Now if only I could get the photo to not be sideways.....Jen?

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Perfect Purse

So as I got ready for date night this evening I slipped my sock in progress into my bag and showed my sister.

She said I have a problem. I think it is great.
I am going to wedding in two weeks and plan on using the same bag. Now I have to decide if I should finish the sock and get part way through a new pair or save this project to work on then. I have more than enough other projects to keep me busy.
This project was perfect. Neither the skein nor the sock were too big too fit in the bag. Turns out I was able to pull it out and knit two times during the evening while my date was indisposed. I only knit about three rows total which is more than I would have gotten done had I left it home.
What a perfect purse.
Peace and Yarn,

Friday, September 7, 2007

Heather and Jeff's Wedding Blanket

Here is the finished blanket for Heather and Jeff's Wedding Present. It was only two months late. They got married in June but they could not use it in the summer anyway so it wasn't too horrible that it was late.
I got the digits for most of the knitters that Heather and Jeff know (sorry Sarah) from Jeff. They all were excited and made two squares each for the Blanket. I got the yarn at WEBS- with discount score! We used Misty Alpaca Chunky so it knit up quickly. The only rule was the square had to be 12x12 blocked. The ladies chose some beautiful patterns. I bordered it with seed stitch (Heather's favorite) in tan. I have taken lots of pictures so that each square can be seen. If only I had remembered to take a picture of Heather with it She loved it!
Ladies who made it: Can you find your square? I made a chart to go with it in the card for The Happy Couple but did not keep a copy for myself. It was pre-blog. But Heather and Jeff can see who contributed.
At the shower and Wedding we all had to act like we didn't know each other when we met. It was fun. Good thing we are all pretty friendly so The happy Couple didn't suspect a thing.
Here is the only full blanket shot I managed.
Hopefully some day my photos will look as cool as Brooklyntweeds blog shots.
But for now you can at least enjoy the finished project high with me.
Peace and Yarn,

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Three Turtle Sweaters

Here are the turtle sweaters I made this past Christmas.
The next few post will be a walk down knitting memory lane as I post past projects. Who said posts have to be only on current projects?
Peace and Yarn,

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Knitting Camp 2007

Here goes my first Blog.
I don't just knit...I think about knitting, talk about knitting and yes dream about knitting. This blog can serve as an outlet for me so as to spare my family and to share some cool things I make.

If it wasn't obvious from the title and t-shirt I am into knitting in the round and a huge Follower of Elizabeth Zimmermann. This summer I went to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp. Here I am with Meg. She got a kick out of my Show andTell t-shirt. I learned so much and it was a blast.

This Sweater for Emil is based on Meg's cardigan in Wool Gathering. I picked a different motif but followed the basic plan. I inserted short rows across the back without being told which Meg mentioned in class. I also used a pivot stitch on the back top where the motif comes together. On the front they point to the neck but on the back they meet at he center and share the center (pivot) stitch. I felt like a knitting smart ass.

I also love the detail of knitting the sleeves from the cuff up so that the lice (white specs) stand the correct way. Then pick up stitches from the shoulder and join in a three needle bind-off which matches the shoulder join.

Notice Martha in the background toasting my knitting. I love that!

I learned how to crochet a steek. Very cool. No need to bust out the sewing machine.

Now if I can only get Emil to keep it on...
I love the colors. At camp someone asked if I was Dutch because of the color choice. I am not but Emil happens to be named after out Dutch Friend Emile so the color choice is fitting. Orange Above!

Peace and Yarn,

Saturday, July 28, 2007