Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Knitting Camp 2007

Here goes my first Blog.
I don't just knit...I think about knitting, talk about knitting and yes dream about knitting. This blog can serve as an outlet for me so as to spare my family and to share some cool things I make.

If it wasn't obvious from the title and t-shirt I am into knitting in the round and a huge Follower of Elizabeth Zimmermann. This summer I went to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp. Here I am with Meg. She got a kick out of my Show andTell t-shirt. I learned so much and it was a blast.

This Sweater for Emil is based on Meg's cardigan in Wool Gathering. I picked a different motif but followed the basic plan. I inserted short rows across the back without being told which Meg mentioned in class. I also used a pivot stitch on the back top where the motif comes together. On the front they point to the neck but on the back they meet at he center and share the center (pivot) stitch. I felt like a knitting smart ass.

I also love the detail of knitting the sleeves from the cuff up so that the lice (white specs) stand the correct way. Then pick up stitches from the shoulder and join in a three needle bind-off which matches the shoulder join.

Notice Martha in the background toasting my knitting. I love that!

I learned how to crochet a steek. Very cool. No need to bust out the sewing machine.

Now if I can only get Emil to keep it on...
I love the colors. At camp someone asked if I was Dutch because of the color choice. I am not but Emil happens to be named after out Dutch Friend Emile so the color choice is fitting. Orange Above!

Peace and Yarn,


Jennifer said...

I guess it's only appropriate that I'm the first to comment on your blog!
That sweater is awesome! Looking forward to future blog entries :)

Ann said...

I LOVE it!!
Keep on Knittah.

Pam said...

Annie, you didn't tell me that your son was named for a Dutch friend when I mentioned the colors. That's eerie! Love your blog, it brings back the good memories of camp.

Pam B

Sarah :) said...

This sweater looks awesome on him and the hat, it goes perfectly. I want one. ha ha :)